Create responsive and interactive contracts that make you look good

Create smart, interactive contracts with a click using template library

Click to create a smart contract in the interactive format from the template library. You can choose and customize ready-to-use templates like sales proposals, quotes, NDAs, employment contracts, and more. Or simply upload a PDF contract if you already have one.

skapa avtal från mallar

Choose a template from the template library

contract template library

Or upload a PDF

upload pdf contract

Live editing and negotiation in real time

Our smart contracts allow you to edit a contract "live" even after it is sent. You don't need to create a new version of the contract and resend it. Your signer will always see the changes "live".

Key benefits of using Oneflow

Prevent costly errors.

  • Ensure everyone is using the correct templates.
  • Control who gets access and what gets modified or not on a contract.
  • Add attachments, participants, tags, etc. to a contract template so that these are automatically enforced every time a contract is created from the template.

Save countless of hours.

  • Create contracts or draw inspiration from Oneflow’s beloved public template library.
  • Eliminate time-consuming work such as copy and paste contract content by creating smart templates for contracts you’ll use again and again.
  • Benefit from predefined content modules such as form and product tables to build sophisticated, interactive contracts using simple drag and drop.

Create purposeful contracts.

  • Add checkboxes, radio buttons and other web components to your contracts so the overall process will be more interactive and effective.
  • Customize branding to your contracts by adding your logo, brand colors, texts, and images.
  • Know that your contracts look awesome on all devices, making it easy to sign anytime, anywhere.

Want to see how it works?

We'd love to show you in a demo. If you have any special request, let us know.

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Learn how Oneflow benefits every department in your organization

Improve your hit rate and shorten the sales cycle. Enjoy a frictionless sales process by making it ridiculously easy for the prospect to sign. No loss of momentum.

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Increase your probability of hiring the right person and simplify the process with Oneflow. Share a digital contract, and the candidate can quickly sign it from any device.

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A fully digital contract process means no more manual punching of data. Get notifications on key events during the contract lifecycle, and make smarter buying decisions.

Go to Procurement

Take no risks by having all contract data securely processed and stored in one application. Control rights and permissions. Stay compliant with GDPR.

Go to IT

Ensure your colleagues always work with the correct version of a template. Access all contracts, communication logs, and audit trails with a few clicks - all in one place.

Go to Legal

Easy access to contract data. It takes no time to match invoices and contracts. And with auto-reminders on key events, you will never miss a deadline.

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